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Surrounded by a mysterious history regarding its origin, Stonehenge England is one of the best pre-historic landmarks you can witness by booking Stonehenge tickets which is known to mankind in the European Continent. Historians, archeologists and scientists believe many theories regarding the construction and purpose of this prehistoric place. Some theories believe it to be a temple, while some believe that this was a burial ground and there are others that think this was once a large astronomical calendar. But no matter what theory you believe in, this UNESCO World Heritage site is an enchanting tourist attraction and offers stunning natural scenery to enjoy.

For the tourists visiting Stonehenge England, the tour begins at the visitors centre of the monument. The centre provides a beautiful panoramic view of the open site of the stones. Guests can enjoy the exhibition centre, outdoor gallery, cafe or shop for souvenirs while waiting at the centre. Explore the Neolithic houses, situated just outside the centre and learn about Stonehenge history and prehistoric life. Once visitors make their way to the site via a shuttle bus, they are greeted by exotic natural landscapes. The absence of any modern construction near the Stone Circle adds to the calming atmosphere, as the visitors are enchanted by its simplicity and mysterious aura.

Stonehenge Tickets & Tours

Stonehenge Admission Tickets
Stonehenge Admission Tickets

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  • Kids aged 0-4 years can avail of the experience free of charge.
  • Children aged 5-17 years have to book the package at child prices.
  • Participants aged 18+ years have to book the package at adult prices.
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Why to Book Stonehenge Tickets Online?

Tickets to the main landmark and the exhibits at Stonehenge can always be booked at the tickets centre on site. However, due to the high rush of visitors from around the world, more than often the Stonehenge tickets counter has long queues and waiting. To avoid the hassle and extra time wasted in the queue, it is better to book your Stonehenge tickets online for a smooth experience. Also, most online websites do offer great deals and discounts on the Stonehenge tickets, which is great for guests who are trying to maintain the tour on a budget. Pre-booking also ensures entry to the landmark, even on the busiest of days.

Inclusions Of Stonehenge Tickets
  • Your Stonehenge tickets give you the opportunity to get the most stunning panoramic view of the city of Bath, a historic tourist destination for people around the globe.
  • Get enchanted by the mysterious aura and simplistic beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site: Stonehenge England.
  • Learn about Stonehenge history, as you get to tour the Neolithic houses that give an insight into the lifestyle of the people of that time.
  • Explore the active Exhibitions bringing together unique and marvelous artifacts from the prehistoric age.
  • Take the Stone Circle experience and witness the magnificent landmark from the inside of the circle.

Experiences at Stonehenge

The most exciting element of Stonehenge is the mystery and the tales that surround its existence. Visitors are greeted by vibrant activities and exhibitions to enjoy the day at this unique landmark. While the visitors explore the experiences provided at the site, they discover a lot about its history, cultural significance and symbolic structure.

360 Degree View

Stonehenge England is a marvelous construction surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of lush green plains. While visiting, guests get a chance to take it all in with a 360 degree view of the stones and the history from the Visitors centre. Learn about the history, significance and purpose of these stones in history from the expert guide and a beautiful presentation. As the seasons pass and time turns back, visitors are taken on a journey to the inside of the circle and witness its beauty on the virtual screen. This visual treat really helps the guests get a more clear understanding of the design and structural composition of the stone circle.

Stone Circle

The Stone Circle is one of the most amazing and unique structures to be known to mankind. Built in the prehistoric era, this structure creates a mystery and intrigue regarding its construction and purpose. The tall large stones are built of Sarsen Sandstone and form the main circle. Surrounding these are smaller structures built of various small stones known as the 'Bluestones'. The simple yet evidently complicated structure leaves visitors in awe of its design and calming vibe. The site is even more mesmerizing during the sunsets, as the sky above turns into a beautiful canvas of different colors.

The Neolithic Houses

Nestled near the Visitors centre, the Neolithic Houses are built out of stone and hay. These structures are a stunning representative of houses in the prehistoric age and give the visitors insight into the life of men during the period. Inside the house there is a single spacious airy room with white chalk walls and a reflective floor to reflect the sun rays and store the warmth. From watching volunteers demonstrate the day to day chores of the people of that age to doing them yourself, this is one of a kind experience for guests.

Stonehenge Solstice

The entire layout is based on the Stonehenge Solstice or what is commonly a term for the limits of the sun's movement. Marking the movement of the sun was an important task or tradition among those who built this pre-historical landmark. The Sarsen Sandstones were carefully aligned to track the movement of the sun, and maybe even other celestial bodies, which could then be marked while standing in the middle of the stone circle. Over time this has become a tradition that is celebrated on the longest night of winter and the longest day of summer season.

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is celebrated as a grand festival at Stonehenge, England. The sun comes up from behind the Heel Stone on each summer solstice, around June 21, and the first rays fall through the centre of Stonehenge. The summer solstice festival is based on the belief that the day is celebrated at Stonehenge for thousands of years. Tens of thousands of people gather at the stone circle and watch the beautiful event as the sun rays from the clear sky evidently mark the beginning of a new phase on the longest day of the year.

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice too marks the turning of the year, as the year's longest night comes to an end. Thousands of people gather at Stonehenge England to celebrate the increasing warmth that will be accompanied by longer days in the next phase of the year. Even though the tallest stone does not stand upright any more, the sun would fall between the tiny gap of the upright stones during a winter solstice. The Neolithic people were mostly farmers, and to them this day meant the end of long cold nights and coming of bright warm days. Therefore it was celebrated with joy and vibrant gatherings, which is now miniced by the druids and pagans as well as other people from around the globe.

Stonehenge Exhibitions

The various Stonehenge exhibits provide an insight into the different aspects of life of the Neolithic people. From the workers who constructed the magnificent stone circle to common people who were farmers and probably used this place for many reasons over time, everyone finds a space in the exhibitions at the site. Learn about the various artifacts, the habits of those who lived here and the landscape of this marvel.

Circles Of Stone Exhibitions

The Circles of Stone Exhibition is a collaboration between Prehistoric Japan and Stonehenge. Drawing out the similarities between the monuments of the middle and late Jomon period in Japan with those constructed in the late Neolithic age in Southern Britain - the exhibition puts on display some important and never seen artifacts of the period. The 80 objects on display were never seen outside Japan, but will now become the base for a theory of how similar the seasons and lifestyle was during these two ages in different parts of the world.

Henry Moore Sharing Form Exhibitions

The Henry Moore Sharing Form Exhibitions, hosted in spring 2022, will depict the work of famous artist Henry Moore. Spanning over six decades of artwork, the collection will be on display in 5 galleries, and also feature a small open air presentation of the seminal works. The exhibition is a display of the fascination that Moore had with these upright standing structures under the beautiful sky, wrapped in a deep mystery. From his early artwork of the Stonehenge to later periods of research and understanding the relation of this structure with its surroundings, everything will be open for visitors to explore and admire.

The World Of Stone Exhibition

Hosted by the British museum, this iconic exhibition tells the tales of the prehistoric times on the continent of Europe. The focus of this exhibition is the iconic stone circle monument, a Neolithic structure standing with pride. In addition to this, the exhibition also talks about the Mesolithic age, or the Bronze age. Various fascinating objects of different periods are on display, such as green stone axes from the Italian Alps, the Nebra sky disc originating from Germany and much more. Visitors learn a lot about Stonehenge with the entire history of Europe as its background, and how this iconic structure has been a part of it through ages.

Your Stonehenge

The Your Stonehenge exhibition features the pictures of visitors or pictures taken by the visitors over the past 150 years. A beautiful recollection of how times have changed but this majestic landmark still stands strong, the exhibit is open daily at the visitors center of Stonehenge. It also reflects upon how the lives of mankind have changed and evolved along this passing time. From monochrome to color pictures, visitors will find all sorts of fascinating shots that are a mirror to the history of this beautiful lush landscape. Some of these pictures are of people who used to live around the site, while some pictures belong to visitors from decades ago.

Gnomus At Stonehenge

  • Gnomus's story is that of a friendly giant who used to live even way before the Stonehenge was constructed, and has returned to check upon the magnificent structure.
  • This 4 meter tall animated puppet is as tall as the Sarene Sandstones and features in many shows from 10 AM - 5 PM at the World Heritage Site.
  • The giant is believed to be the caretaker of the earth and guardian of all wildlife, who has looked before it since the beginning of time.
  • Telling various history and facts of the Stonehenge in a creative manner, in the form of stories, Gnomus creates a kid friendly environment and is even loved by the adults.
  • The interactive performances also focus on environmental preservation and how all humans should become the caretaker of the earth.

Know Before You Book Stonehenge Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Near Amesbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7DE

Opening Hours: All days of the week from 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM

*During Solstice the time varied in accordance to the celebration / festival at the Stonehenge.

Best Time To Visit: Even though this place is ideal for visiting any time of the year, the months from June to September are the best for planning a visit to Stonehenge. These months witness pleasant weather as compared to the colder winters. Do keep in mind that these seasons also are peak durations and you will find rush at the site and on the tickets counter. So it's best to plan ahead while visiting that time and book your tickets in advance.

Tips To Visit Stonehenge

  • It is best to book your Stonehenge Tickets online in advance to avoid wait lines and rush during peak seasons for tourists.
  • Pets are not allowed at Stonehenge, unless it's a service animal and that is the only exception.
  • Do visit all the ongoing exhibitions to understand the history and significance of the stone circle, surrounding landscapes and its elements.
  • Differently abled people or those who require extra care and attention are allowed to bring along one more companion for free.
  • For the winter season keep in mind the chilly weather as you decide on your outfit for the day and add as many layers as possible.
  • Stonehenge tickets include access roughly upto 15 yards of the stone circle. However, separate tours are conducted in additional time slots for visiting inside the Stone circle.

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